Remember, Do not Ever Touch Food’s After Sport

Having tired to exercise in the morning, you’ll want to eat foods that can add to or replace the lost energy. But you have to be smart to choose the right foods consumed after exercise. Because the food you eat after exercise is far more crucial than the food you eat at another time.

According to experts, the food right after exercise is a combination of complex carbohydrates, water and some protein. Refer to the explanation of the 9 forbidden foods are consumed after exercise, among others:

1. Cheese
Processed cheese and high fat foods can not you eat after exercise run. The reason, cheese contain saturated fat levels are very high, as well as salt. But if you want to eat salty snacks, take your pick from soy crisps flavored cheese.

2. Processed meat
Eat a sandwich after undergoing an aerobic session may sound healthy but are actually processed meat to be one sandwich compositions containing high levels of salt and fat. When it entered into the stomach, processed meat will slow down the performance of the digestive system a person who ate it after exercise. Likewise with salami, bacon and sausages.

Better switch to chicken meat filled sandwiches.

3. Cereals
Be careful, this is most often said to be a healthy food when in fact some kind of cereal can be loaded with sugar, especially refined cereal. All you can eat is half a cup of low-sugar granola with fruit and nuts, with no added sugar. You can also add non-fat milk or skim over it.

4. Bread
Starch contained in bread can quickly turn into sugar when digested and it is not needed by the body after exercise. If you want it, better replace it with whole grain bread with a small portion. Avoid white bread (bread made from wheat flour that has been processed in such a way that white flour).

5. Fruit drinks
Bottled fruit drinks loaded with sugar which of course will increase a person’s blood sugar levels quickly. If you want to drink other than water after exercising, choose herbal iced tea or coconut water is a natural and healthy.

6. Fried egg
Eggs are said to be one healthy snack after exercise because it contains protein and choline are good for the heart. But avoid the frying process, so the eggs will be cooked in the fat. Better just boiled.

7. Milkshake
Milkshake looks healthy but not if you memblendernya with fruit because it makes it so full of sugar. Replace it with almond, plain milk or green tea alone.

8. Raw vegetables
Raw vegetables are still filled with essential nutrients but they do not have the ability to keep you energized after exercising. You need a more substantial foods if you want your muscles to recover from wear and helps your metabolism.

Nutritionists advise that you add the vegetables high protein foods that you eat after exercise such as yogurt sauce.