Review Nokia Asha 306

Nokia’s strategy to win back users who focus on lower-middle segment should be appreciated. Through Asha series, Nokia offers the sensation smartphone with a relatively minimal funding. One such product is the Nokia Asha 306 which we review below.

Asha is Simple

The design is simple. Yes, Asha 306 looks so simple with 3-inch screen on the front along with the call and reject that doubles as the power button. At first glance, it does not appear as a smart phone. Frame on the sides of the screen which adds to the impression that, especially on a unit we got has a dark gray color (dark gray) on the top side and the rear casing. For information, Nokia also provide other colors such as silver white, red, and blue mid more cheerful.

But when viewed as a whole, the design Asha 306 includes pretty sweet. The form that has a unique angle and curvature firmly distanced Asha 306 of rigid impression. Audio and microUSB ports are available on the upper side, the volume buttons and a lock screen and alcove to open the back casing on the right side, and a microSD slot complete with plastic cover can be accessed on the left side. While in the back, 2MP camera and speaker line will support your multimedia needs.

Under 20 seconds

Even in the category of smartphones, but Nokia promoted modesty, especially in this series allows you to activate and use the phone quickly. When we try to activate it without a SIM card inserted after the battery diapsang, Asha 306 ready for use in less than 20 seconds. Of course it’s good news, especially when you have to call in an emergency, for example.

The interface is easy to use snagat Asha 306. You will be immediately faced with a row of icons on the main screen menu; slider to the right to get an impression of the Home screen or swipe left to call by pressing the virtual number. Each command of your finger will be responded to with a small vibration. Although Asha 306 touch screen is a resistive type, but you can still do multitouch when to operate, such as to enlarge the image or web site. Additionally, Asha 306 using this type of TFT screen with 65K color depth at a resolution of 240 × 400 pixels which is quite pleasing to the eye.

In addition, like Andorid, you can shift quickly from the top menu down the screen that contains the option on / off cellular data, WiFi, Bluetooth and ringtones. There’s also a quick option to the music player, making calls and writing messages.

The menus that appear in the Asha 306 include kiosks, maps, Nokia Life, Social, Nokia Music, some congenital games like Casino, Memorize, Golf Tour, Block Breaker (demo), Brain Challenge (demo), Green Farm (demo) , Picture Puzzle and Solitare. Oh yeah, you’ll also get a free game Nokia in collaboration with EA at HDH p’mnn menu (game prizes).

One feature that is favored Nokia maps (Nokia Maps), which claimed to be able to navigate without the hassle of credit or an internet connection because the maps are pre-loaded in the system. But when we try, Nokia still ask for connection to the internet for further use, including navigation.

Loud Speaker

Turning to the multimedia sector, Asha 306 armed with a 2MP camera with a resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels. Not bad for the price category of under $ 1 million, although the results are mediocre. You can use the “funny noises” when going to photographing babies, for example, or the night mode automatically like when we were shooting pool when dawn. But for a smartphone, video recording capabilities Asha 306 classified as less, only CIF resolution of 176 × 144 at 10fps speed.

When we try to use the music player, speakers will sing the song with a very loud at highest volume level position. Despite strengthened by balancing sound (equalizer) normal, pop, rock, jazz and classical, but we felt ears become tired quickly when listening to two songs. These characters sound fairly flat (flat) alias is not round – though not broken really. Moreover, though it has a volume knob, but to adjust the sound level positions tidakbisa do when the screen is locked. A bit troublesome.

BL-4U battery attached to the Asha 306 has a capacity of 1110mAh Li-ion type. On paper, the Nokia offers a standby time up to 600 hours of nonstop music play up to 40 hours, or up to 14 hours of talk time. During the test without inserting a SIM card, battery awetnya claimed Nokia can we feel.

Intelligent Alternatives

Nokia Asha 306 we think can become a smart alternative choice if you want to feel a touch screen mobile with smartphones taste – albeit modest. Moreover, Nokia provides a choice of attractive colors that will make this series suitable for young children or parents. The weakness of the camera, especially the video recording mode can be closed by either the price is quite cheap. One of its advantages; Asha 306 is one of the cheapest phones on the market that are equipped with Wi-Fi.

(+) Facility smartphone with affordable prices
(+) Sweet Designs
(+) Or the interface is easy to use UI
(+) Attractive color options
(+) Battery last longer
(+) Speaker loud

(-) The camera is less okay
(-) Speaker minimal dynamics
(-) Can not adjust the volume of the music player when the screen is locked