Things you need to know before making yourself a parrot

With a parrot at home is fun because it can mimic sounds and voices. Children enjoy playing with these parrots love birds. But parrots additional information are not always pleasant and easy to handle, especially if you are not in animal husbandry.
There are things that should be considered first, before you decide to buy one. Go through the article and think you curious about it. These birds are very expensive, so if you make a purchase, you must take care of it.
A. Parrots can be very noisy
You can celebrate your parrot imitation, but after a while, it will be recognized because it can be a boring non-stop noise at home from your own pet. If you want peace and quiet in your home, do not appeal to parrots. They produce no noise like the sound of some birds make. And over the parrot, the sound it produces.
Parrots are able to scream so loud, you’d be surprised how hard it is, you can clearly hear screaming neighbors at least twice a day. All the tears can reach 5 to 15 minutes.
Parrots love to play second
Remember that parrots unable to identify the difference between a wooden toy allows your ancestors with wooden furniture and traditional play. If they are chewing on your expensive furniture, there is nothing you can do about it.
It is not just wood. They love to chew on, and power lines, books, papers, and more generally everything gets touch with caution, as they can also destroy wallpapers and clothes when they have access to them.
Third Parrots bite and scratch
Unfortunately, parrots are not docile creatures you think they are. Small birds such as parakeets are also able to bite and hurt with his claws. Injuries can cause serious damage to your skin, so be very careful.
These birds can even break small human bone, when it bites hard enough and cause other damage. But that does not mean that parrots are naturally a dangerous type of bird. You actually have to bite and use its claws, when threatened by people or creatures, it is not yet used to the touch. And as a defense mechanism against all threats it faces, she bites her nails and uses scratching. So be careful when you look like a parrot, especially if it is your first contact with the bird.