This is the content of Mandatory in Isotonic Drinks

In any job, whether stationary or moving human will remove fluid from the body. Therefore, the body must stay hydrated. However, in some specific activity or work was issued electrolyte human body, this is what causes the body to become limp when dehydrated.

But not to worry, there is now a range of isotonic drinks with different brands and flavors, customized live alone. However, according to Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO there are several components in these beverages that must be considered.

There is a composition that need to be considered include carbohydrates should exist, besides sodium chloride and also need to be considered. If there is glucose only be around 6-8 percent, said the doctor this sport.

Doctor who also practiced at hospitals. Mitra Kemayoran is also clear that isotonic drinks in various flavors that do not matter. But no good if it is too sweet.

The sweet taste of fruit or just download drives us to want to drink it, but if it is too sweet, the performance will go down, he explained. Decline in performance would clearly interfere with one’s productivity, especially for those working in the field.

Loss of body fluids with electrolytes in it is known to cause headaches, heart palpitations, numbness and many more. Now, therefore keep balance with isotonic drinks are just as necessary.