Tips on Choosing Hair Dyes

Hair is an important thing that must be maintained and cared for. Sometimes you feel bored with the color of hair you have that hair coloring is the ultimate choice for appearance looks a little different. Choosing a hair color is not easy. The purpose is not only to dye your hair looks beautiful shiny hair healthy hair but also must be considered. Before doing hair coloring, note the condition of hair you have. Hair loss, branching, dry, damaged, brittle and should not be colored first because it will make the hair shaft getting damaged. If you experience hair problems, hair care routine should do a hair mask and cream bath for 2-3 months in a row.
Choosing hair dye for women should be done carefully so that the appearance becomes more leverage. You can experiment with hair color but do not make the color look dull. Choose hair color reflection suit your skin tone so that faces appear brighter. Colors are suitable for Asian women include dark red mahogany, red copper, red brown, purplish brown, purplish red, and burgundy. If you choose white gold hair color to make you look more glamorous or dark brown color is increasingly clear.
One way to choose is to glue the hair dye fabrics or light-colored clothing to the skin, it will not fit or the color of your skin. Let’s say you put a purple cloth on your face, and then see if it matches the purple skin. Meanwhile, if the color purple makes your face look brighter then you can choose the color to be the color of your hair. Choosing hair dye had to be careful because it can be easily damaged by hair coloring.
Choosing a good hair dye that benchmark is on your skin. If fabric attached to make the face look dull or darker, the colors are not suitable for you, then it does not match the color you are wearing. If the hair color matches the color of the skin will also look more attractive.