What to do if your dog steals food

A few dogs can not resist the temptation of food. If they see it, they usually try to acquire them. These remains are leftovers that have fallen to the ground, and the objects left sitting on the kitchen table is. A plate of food on her knees an owner who was asleep on the couch is probably eaten before he wakes up.
It is important to realize that dog food without feeling fly. Your guilt behavior does not fight that way. They are simply attracted to it (usually by the smell, but often by sight), and to use all means in their power to get it. In cases where the animal is punished for behavior, this is probably the reason why it happens to be understood.
But stopping the habit is necessary to avoid frustrations in the future. This can be accomplished without the use of punishment. In this article, we show you some suggestions that will help you.
Make sure your dog is well fed
When reality TV show “Survivor” candidates spend several days with a little more than eat a few spoonfuls of rice. When they hit a small piece of bread or meat, it is their motivation to acquire their high. If your dog is hungry, it is the same motivation to face a feast.
Make sure your dog gets enough food. So he sometimes try to take food from others, if given the chance, he will be less inclined to do so. A full stomach will run motivation.
Restrict access to food
It’s intuitive, although many owners neglect to do so. If your dog is able to achieve an edible product, it is likely to try, especially if it is left unattended. Suppose you and your family to share a pizza and leave a few coins in a box sitting on a low counter. The smell of pizza can force you to examine your pet. If he is able to move on the ground for him, there’s a good chance he does not eat the pieces.
Try putting the food away, before leaving the area. Place in the refrigerator, oven or cabinet. If you need to leave to make sure it is pushed at a sufficient distance from the edge of the table or counter. Even if there are chairs or stools around, they will take your dog to use.
Teach your dog to be disciplined
Feed your dog and keep it warm out of the reach of two important measures to curb his habit of stealing. But it is equally important to discipline him. It shows the food, while the reward for not taking it.
For example, hold a small piece of food in your hand, and make sure your dog sees. Then tell him to “suspend” you slowly bring your hand on the ground. If left in place, give him a treat for his discipline. If it goes forward to take their nutrition, you raise your hand to remove them out of his reach. Repeat this process until he has learned to resist the urge to take food.
Keep food out of sight Dog
Before you and your family to sit down for a meal, put your dog in an area where it is not able to see you eat. Put it in another room or locked in his cage. You can even use a toy Kong filled with food, to occupy his attention. The goal here is to remove the temptation of food for him. If it is out of sight, he must spend a lot of time thinking about it.
Canines will always be an affinity for food. If your dog develops a habit of stealing, to take measures to prevent the behavior.